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We are a team ready to provide you with the best language learning experience. No matter what country you are in, we offer you the best!

Guaranteed Learning

ConCentra Language School is part of ConCentra Business School, a company with more than 18 years of experience offering advanced educational solutions, quality and attractive investment. We offer you a range of benefits so that you can master the language of your choice in the shortest time possible.




We are compromised with your learning. Our committed approach makes us provide you with the best academic language learning offer in the market.



In every class with our students you can experience the passion of the teachers for quality teaching. 



We recognize that learning a new language is not easy. There are obstacles to overcome and fears to face, but we are convinced that PERSISTENCE makes us reach our goals.



Virtual classroom revolution

We offer you a completely innovative study modality. You will be able to learn a language until you master it completely with our virtual e-learning tools. We do not use textbooks. Our platform has all the exercises and contents necessary to learn at your own pace.


Low-Cost Business Concept 

Our academic offer of online learning is based on a “Low-Cost” business concept that introduces really attractive prices to the market. Our students obtain monthly savings of approximately 30% compared to our competitors. Thanks to the fact that they do not have to invest in textbooks, apps or exam fees.  


Start talking from the first class

Start speaking your new language from the very first class. It’s not just a commercial promise, it’s the facts that speak. Each class is a unique experience and our goal is that the student can achieve results in the shortest time possible.


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